Bruce McCalla | Fair Realty 

Client feedback



I value integrity as the most desired quality in a Realtor and you have that in spades, Bruce. We chose you after interacting with you the first time we met. You were cordial and polite but approachable and easy to talk to. You also offered extra information which we were able to use later on in our decision-making process…we just wanted an agent who we could trust and relate to.  ~ Duncan E. McDougall


I like your easy-going manner and value your honesty, enthusiasm and knowledge.  ~ Joan Randall

 “I was looking for a knowledgable agent, someone who seems genuine, interested and friendly. Also important, is not too pushy and not constantly calling, allowing the client a bit of time to feel things out... ~ Trish 

Bruce McCalla
Fair Realty
1554 Fort Street
Victoria, BC